Sunday, March 31, 2013



The tongue is only able to silence
Eye is only capable of crying
The mind is only able to imply-if
Heart is only capable of holding melancholy

This feels like a lame sport
At all, unable to move my
This soul was floating
There is not able to reassure me
When I hear and I see
People who I love very'm crying because I'm a natural state
Have I sinned degan this state
I've made my parents cry
Ya Allah Ya Robbi forgive me

I love my parents
I love my parents
Whatever will I do for my parents
Although life on the line will I live
My parents are my role models for figure
I'm sorry that has been made
Do mengis because I can not wipe your tears
Do not cry because I was not able to replace your tears
I promise not to make you sad or cry

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