Sunday, March 31, 2013


(Corruption in Indonesia)

Arguments Essay

Many today say that silence is golden, like some of the books I read also said similar things, but I think in the current silence is no longer golden mean but poison, something that is not familiar to us, we often hear that name of corruption everywhere, and it all if we set aside the corruption will be a thorn in the body of this nation not only that, but corruption will also be toxic to the people of Indonesia, living people have suffered enough with the increase in food prices is not according to the daily income that we can.

Indonesia has more than 60 years of independence, but a sense of independence was not fully felt by the people of Indonesia, there are still many more children growing even nations that became laundry worker abroad, because in his own country could not accommodate them for work, not only is it often we see how many scavengers who collect trash and beggars everywhere, they are all so not tidah would sit in a cold room with dress neatly.

Let kibarkan soul heroic spirit to overcome it all, because silence is not golden poison, are we going to drop any corruption in this country?, Have we ever thought that far for the nation and people!, Let us act now when again when not us who else would eradicate it all.

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